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Litigation Is Not Always the Best Approach.

Many attorneys pride themselves on being "Litigators".  Note that I have used a capital "L", which often means such attorneys look for, and will find, a solution to a client's problem by bringing a lawsuit.  When you go to a surgeon for an opinion, the surgeon will have a tendency to suggest surgery.  Similarly, a lawyer known as a litigator will most likely suggest litigation.  I am a litigator in the sense that I have brought and have defended cases in courts all over our Maryland/Virginia/DC area as well as matters involving the U.S. government, but I do not base my professional reputation on being a "Litigator."

Always Ask Whether Your Matter Can Be Resolved Without Resorting to the Courts.

Litigation may or may not suit the client best, but what is 100% true is that a non-litigation, out-of-court solution should virtually always be looked for before bringing a lawsuit in court.  Litigation, like war, should be a last resort --  not a knee-jerk reaction to any dispute.  If my clients have already been sued -- in other words, when they are already in court at the time they come to me -- I still do my best to find a way to stop the legal process and settle the lawsuit.  In the vast majority of cases, this has been possible.

Getting a Second Opinion Is Often a Good Idea.

Over the years, some clients have sought me out for a second opinion, even when they already were in the midst of litigation brought or defended by another attorney.  That is fair game, just as it is fair game to seek a second opinion from a physician or other professional.  On many occasions I have counseled my client to tell her or his attorney to seek a settlement before proceeding with the lawsuit.  Sometimes the parties themselves have wanted to settle, but their attorneys have encouraged them to sue.  Just as peace can be made even when war has already started, a case in court can be settled, dismissed, withdrawn, terminated -- as on the real battlefield.

A Sole Practitioner May Be a Better Fit for You Than a Large Law Firm.

As a sole practitioner, I and I alone will handle your matter.  I now work primarily on the basis of personal referrals, and manage my practice in such manner that I am able to give my clients the efficient, caring, and responsive legal representation all of them deserve.  Whether your matter is monetarily large or small, it is of prime importance to you, and you are entitled to receive personalized, attentive, and diligent legal advice.  There is naturally a place in the legal world for large law firms.  Indeed, I started out my legal career in one of the biggest and most prestigious firms in Washington, DC, and I therefore know how the big firms work.  However, I have more than once had clients come to me after unhappy experiences with big firms, where their relatively small matter was given low priority compared with the service given to the mega-corporations.

Quick Communication Is Key.

Communication is a key word for me.  You will find that I return your calls, texts, and e-mails promptly.  I do what I say I will do when I say I will do it.  Your matter will always be handled by me -- not by a junior associate, not by a secretary, not by a paralegal.  When you retain me, I give you my commitment, my strength, my good judgment and common sense, and my long legal experience.  

Our Relationship Is a Two-Way Street.

While we are in the client-attorney relationship, you naturally must do your part, too.  You must provide me with the information I request, you must give me the whole story without holding back facts you think may be prejudicial to you, you must answer my communications, you must be 100% candid with me, and you must let me know if you do not understand any aspect of my legal representation.  When you retain me as your lawyer, we become a team, with commitments and responsibilities on both sides.




Please contact me if you wish to discuss your matter.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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